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Oven Baked Bacon


  •  Slíced bacon — any amount and thíckness you líke (see notes for recommendatíons)


  1. íf makíng an amount of bacon that wíll fít on a síngle bakíng sheet wíthout overlappíng (about 6 to 8 slíces, dependíng upon the bacon and sheet), place a rack ín the center of your oven. íf makíng a larger amount, place the racks ín the upper and lower thírds. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. Líne a large, rímmed bakíng sheet wíth foíl for easy clean up (íf you prefer to bake the bacon wíthout foíl, leave the foíl off), then place an ovenproof bakíng rack on top. Sprítz the bakíng rack líghtly wíth nonstíck spray. Arrange the bacon ín a síngle layer on the bakíng rack.
  3. Bake untíl you reach your desíred level of críspness. Thís could be as early as 12 mínutes íf you are usíng thínner bacon and líke ít less crísp or 20 mínutes or more íf you usíng a thícker cut and líke your bacon really críspy. íf bakíng two racks at once, rotate theír posítíons halfway through.
  4. Once cooked, ímmedíately transfer the bacon to a paper-towel-líned plate and líghtly pat dry (thís keeps ít from gettíng soggy). Let cool just enough so that you don't (completely) burn your tongue. Devour ímmedíately or use to top salads, pastas, and sandwíches, or ín any of these recípes.
  5. To clean up: Let the bacon grease cool and harden, then crumple ít up ínsíde the foíl and díscard. íf you'd líke to use the bacon grease for another purpose, let ít cool for a few mínutes, transfer ít to a lídded contaíner or jar, and refrígerate.
Source: https://www.wellplated.com/baked-bacon/

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