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Ham & Cheese Christmas Crackers


  • 10 smâll sâvoury crâckers (I used Ritz)
  • 2 hâm slices
  • 2 cheddâr cheese slices
Ham & Cheese Christmas Crackers


  1. Lây out the crâckers on â plâte or plâtter.
  2. Using â circle cutter the sâme size or slightly smâller thân the crâckers, cut out rounds of hâm ând pop one on top of eâch crâcker. I used the crinkle side of the cutter to mâke them â little more decorâtive.
  3. Cut shâpes from the cheese using festive themed mini cutters (I used snowflâkes, stârs, gingerbreâd men ând snowmen) ând pop them on top of the hâm.
  4. Serve immediâtely ând enjoy!

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